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Terms & Conditions

Savage’s Stripes is uniquely designed with 300 collectible stripes artwork where no two images are identical. Savage designed 60 different images then mix each image with Five different combinations of color to ensure that none of them are alike in every way. This website is a place where the customer can stop by and find information that is necessary to buy an art piece of Savage’s Stripes. Savage Stripes images can only be bought through open sea and the wallet the buyer are using. This website have nothing to do with buying, selling or trading therefore will take no responsible for any loss or damage done by the outside source. Open Sea only accept Ethereum blockchain therefore the buyer will need to use Ethereum to own Savage’s Stripes image.

By using this website, you understand that we aren’t responsible for any transaction involved Savage’s Stripes. This website is for display and direction leading to Twitter account, Discord meeting place, following Instagram and allow you to find Open Sea. Open Sea is the place where you may make any transactions.


1. Once you purchase a certain image through smart contract by Ethereum in Open sea. You will be the official owner of the image, proof backed by the minting process of NFT on Open Sea. Motkrypto LLC will not seize, prevent, hold back or in any way to prevent you to use the image you purchased. This including the purpose of personal usage or commercial purpose which we will discuss the following points.

2. Once you own an image of Savage’s Stripes, you will be free to use the image for any personal purpose anywhere around the world. You may create image on any items you desire to place your stripes image upon, you have full right to use your stripes image as your avatar on social media or in any virtual setting, and you may trade or sell your Savage’s Stripes art at anytime you want for whatever purpose you have. You may even use your stripes for the commercial purpose which we will discuss on the following point. 3. You, as a buyer may use your purchased image(s) as part of the commercial purpose but it will never be for the main attraction purpose. This means that you may not hide behind your own images you purchased through Open Sea to scam people into paying for the images through drop box in Discord. If you do that, we and the Federal will look at the mint process through the work of the blockchain to target the NFT ownership at the time of scam selling to prosecute to the extend of the law. The owner may use stripes image as part of the commercial activity as such as on t-shirt, mug, hat or other accessories in the advertisement, TV show, movies, part of NFT marketing, and another purpose to promote the whole NFT industry. However, it cannot be used for the main attraction to buy another stripes images through the NFT platform. The buyer may sell accessories as such as t-shirt with the Savage’s Stripes as one bought with as it is designed uniquely individually for any purpose the owner wish to use with it.


Savage’s Stripes encourage that the viewers to be at the age of 18 years and older when browse through NFT in general as you can never know what you would come across. SS wouldn’t encourage anyone under 18 years old to make any purchase without their parent’s consent.

@ 2023 Savage Stripes

Terms & Conditions