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About SS

Savage’s Stripes arts offer a unique aspect in every work you will find, you will always find stripes. If you need more stripes in your life, look no further. There are so many things you can do with the stripes image, only if you allow your imagination run wild. 


1. Create 300 amazing stripes artworks that will capture your eye and everyone’s whom you show to after you own one of Savage’s Stripe. 

2. Create the social media platform and the marketing platform. 

3. Bring stripes artwork to another level. Trust us, it will be an amazing piece of work where you definitely want to keep tab on us until the next project is released. 

SS: Special Edition

Savage has done it again, he brought more stripes to our life. This time, he is bringing us 18 Video Art NFT (VAN). VAN is the spectacular stripes in motion, while the stripes never abandon the art but you will find the color change, swapping and flashing in front of you. The biggest and the best advice you might receive from the stripes land. “Don’t wait and let 18 VAN be off the market before you get your hand on them.”


JSG Website

I hope that this website is helpful with NFT project because Mr. Savage have more artworks to show. Click here to view non-NFT arts in physical form.


Our team

Mr. Savage

He is an artist who create masterpieces for so long time. He created countless works through various approach whether it is with paintbrush or with the keyboard/mouse pad, there is nothing that can stop him from being creative. 


 The founder and the leader of MOTKRYPTO. The company allowed the talented artist as such as Savage make a smooth transition from real life art into NFT.  


This person is the one who fill any gaps to make the project run smooth. 

@ 2023 Savage Stripes